Our Team

  • Ed Croney Jr.
    • Ed began his sign painting career with the United States Air Force in November 1954. He left the service and moved to Baltimore MD., where he was employed by Belsinger Sign Co.. After a period of time he decided to seek refuse from the cold and relocated to Ft. Myers, Florida. Ed took a position at Brite Signs, and later moving to Artcraft Signs. Each move was in an attempt to associate himself with skilled journeymen of the sign industry attempting to further his knowledge and skill level in an industry he loved. After moving to Tampa, Ed went to work for Coca Cola Co., in the sign department. Ed also, worked for several outdoor advertising (billboard) companies such as, Gulf of Tampa, Tampa Outdoor Advertising, 3M Outdoor Advertising (CBS) & Foster & Kleiser (Clear Channel). Finally he partnered with his son to form Ed’s Signs / C & S Graphics, Inc. Prior to the development of digital printers, Ed was widely known as one of the premier pictorial artists. Back in the day, if you were looking at a billboard or site sign with a color illustration, chances are very good that Ed produced it.
  • Ed Croney, III
    • Ed III handles the day to day operation and management of the business. His duties include assisting customers in sales / marketing. He is also involved directly with the shop production and installation scheduling. Ed III has worked in customer service and sales most of his career. He was employed with Sutton Distribution Company in route sales slinging cases of beer for 10 years. He switched to the commercial real estate industry working with Smith & Associates. The real estate market was not as promising as he had hoped and through his associations with other brokers determined, with the assistance of his father, they could open a sign business. Thus, C & S Graphics was formed.
  • Betsy Savage Croney
    • Betsy is the wife of Ed III, and is the Office Manager/Secretary/Treasurer of the company.  Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and all administration duties are handled through her office. Prior to C & S Graphics, Inc., Betsy worked with her family at A.R. Savage and Son, Inc. which specializes in shipping and freight forwarding and Tampa Terminals, Inc. for 11 years. Betsy was also a partner & General Manager for Tampa Terminals, Inc. a container trucking company, She also handled all administrative aspects of that company.